I hope you all will be absolutely fine and having fun. It is also known as the dual operational amplifier. It has a bipolar transistor and high voltage JFET in its case. Some of the major features may include low power consumption, low noise, common mode input voltage range includes Vcc, latch-up free operation etc. The further detail about TL will be given later in this tutorial.

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It has low power consumption, Input-bias currents and Offset currents Provided with the short circuit protection Operation of IC is Latch-up free Having two op-amp inside or called as dual op-amp IC. The Input bias and Offset currents is also low. This TL07x series come with low harmonic distortion and low noise which makes it fir for the use where high-accuracy needed.

It also used in the application of audio pre-amplification. Where to use IC TL? TL is mainly used where high-accuracy is needed with respect to low harmonic and noise, as used for audio pre-amplification.

The audio pre-amplification means for getting output audio with low noise, interference, distortion and also used for controlling the volume, bass and treble. It also compares the voltage like the other op-amp ICs do. So, can be used as a voltage comparator IC. How to use IC TL? We can use this IC for audio pre-amplification or for better sound quality with having a low price of it with a high accuracy.

In the circuit, as the audio input is attached it will receive from the output with low noise and distortion. We can increase the value of resistor R4 due to having high input impedance. R1 is used for impedance balancing, which helps in getting low distortion. R2 and R3 are negative feedback resistors, used for measuring the output signal. If the value of R2 and R3 is placed too high then the noise will increase and if it is too low then the noise will be lower, but it may increase distortion as the load on IC gets high.

R6 is used to discharge or empty the C2 flows in order to reduce noise strikes.


Ampli op TL072 TL072CN et TL072CP



TL072CP = TL072CN = TL072L-D08-T


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