We are sad generations. Jul 24, Bakhtiar Ahmed rated it really liked it This is a beautiful and sad novel as suggested by the title, its a story about sad generations. The story starts a generation before partition of India and ends immediately after partition, it follows the lives of protagonists for almost fifty years as they go through global events like Word War I and the different facets of independence movement in India at the same time dealing with their own crisis at personal level, trying to answer the existential questions. The final take away from the novel, at least for me, is that life is meaningless and no matter what you do, you will end up sad and weary. The author was also not able to properly close some of the sub-plots and tie lose ends.

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His later works — novels Baagh and Nadaar Loag, novellas Qaid and Raat and collections of short stories Nashaib and Faraib — too, became quite popular among the lovers of Urdu fiction. Later, Abdullah Hussain went to Canada to obtain a diploma in chemical engineering.

He married a medical doctor and they had a son and a daughter. Having stayed in the UK for about 40 years where he ran a pub, Abdullah Hussain returned to Pakistan a few years ago. Known for his accurate characterisation, with frequent use of swear words to enhance the effect, Abdullah Hussain is sometimes criticised for describing a scene too coarsely and in a parlance too uncouthly which could offend some readers.

But it made him stand out among the first few Urdu novelists who were undeterred in their realistic portrayal of modern and contemporary sensitivity. His maiden work especially mourns the tragedy of rural Punjab in a sorrowful tone. Written against the backdrop of the First World War and the events that took place in the run-up to Independence in , Udas Naslain captures the essence of the social and political upheaval that the subcontinent was passing through.

A bit averse to the literary critics and wary of their assessments of his literary merits, Abdullah Hussain had requested critics not to review his novel Nadaar Loag for at least six months after its publication so that ordinary readers would be free to judge the book on their own.

This was, perhaps, a reaction to the criticism he had to bear with after the publication of Udas Naslain. But Abdullah Hussain was right when he complained that no serious and detailed study of Udas Naslain had been carried out and most critics had ignored him.

But, then, it is, perhaps, in perfect rhythm with the notion that runs throughout most of his works — life is a sad affair. Published in Dawn, July 5th, On a mobile phone?


Udas Naslain Novel By Abdullah Hussain



Udas Naslain by Abdullah Hussain Urdu Novel PDF Download


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