Save Story Save this story for later. The sound of two worlds colliding can be, and sometimes is, as harmonious as the sound of one hand clapping. Artists, collectors, literati, and other art-world regulars appeared to mingle seamlessly with adult-movie producers and directors, agents, and quite a few of the performers whose full-color likenesses, many of them life-size or almost and half of them frontally nude, should have stopped conversation in its tracks but, for some reason, did not. The thirty portraits reflected a democratic cross-section of the adult-film industry—female and male, gay and straight, white and black, young and not so young. Unlike Goya, however, Greenfield-Sanders excised from his images any hint of pornographic suggestiveness: no erotic poses or come-hither looks, no parted lips, no discreetly listed Web sites. We are in an art gallery, these portraits proclaimed, so this must be art.

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Kacie Marie is the young, beautiful brunette that you may have seen at a New York City rockabilly event, dancing the night away in a full-skirt and saddle shoes. Always radiant, glowing…full of energy that just knocks them dead! Our fashion editor, Xina Giatas, pulled some glamorous and sexy vintage looks for Kacie, to dazzle your eyes out. Take a look! Photography by Alexander Thompson. Special thanks to Severely Mame. The radio was one of my greatest escapes. I continued creating as I went to school for painting and then quickly found the darkroom.

Photography became an instant passion. Modeling and photography went hand in hand, and I loved creating different characters. I did all of the hair, makeup, styling and set design.

This creative journey has helped me evolve the way I think about making music! Every time I write a song, I envision and write a video to go along with it. I like to reach for all of the different medias that I can, to be able to paint with my music. I also enjoy tinkering on all of the different instruments, the drums being my favorite. Do you identify more as a musician or a model? I never actually considered myself as a model, for reasons unknown.

I was never truly pursuing modeling as a career, but was rather interested in making photographs and creating characters. In my experience, photography and modeling can be very psychologically explorative, within the tones that are revealed. Plus, the thought that many years from now, a couple of photographs of me might still be floating around is extremely thrilling.

I have found music to be a psychological thrill. Tell us about this release. The making and release of Girls From Mars was completely independent and was my first solo album. I do tend to be most attracted to vintage style clothing.

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